What Style?

Woman in prone yoga pigeon pose

I’ve tried a few different classes in different styles and want to know more about this style of learning yoga.”

Teachers are often told “I just tried [insert brand here] yoga and it was bizarre/impossible/weird…what kind of yoga do you do?”. This is a challenging question to answer if the teacher doesn’t belong to an easy to recognise brand of Yoga. My own answers change depending on the context, but the short answer is “Scaravelli Inspired Somatics”.

Comparing different flavours of Yoga

The word yoga is attached to a wide variety of different experiences: A well respected Yoga teacher Pete Blackaby has said there are loosely three types of yoga:

1. Gym Workout Yoga 2. Authentic Hindu Yoga and 3. Modern Somatic approach to Yoga. These three types of yoga are not particularly hard and fast categories but describe a certain direction a teacher or tradition will gravitate toward.

Venn Diagram describing three types of Yoga, Traditional, Gym Workout and Modern Somatic

The Scaravelli Somatic style of Yoga falls within the more Contemporary/Modern approach. This approach emphasises the internal felt sense of the body, mindfully exploring the interplay between the body and mind. The feel of the class can seem like a Restorative Yoga class, or a standard Hatha Yoga class. However, instead of being instructed to perform a certain task, you will often be asked to tune into how a movement feels as you explore its possibilities. For this reason, it is a way of exploring Yoga which emphasises personal, individual internal experiences. It can be loads of fun, and so useful to ‘simply listen to the body’.