Joining a Class

woman lying in supine yoga pose with spine in rotation

“I’ve never done any yoga before and I need some essential information before starting a class.”

Joining a Yoga class can be daunting. When teachers try to encourage those who have not yet tried a Yoga class, they will sometimes reply with “I would love to, but my body is sooo inflexible and un-stretchy”. The natural response of the teacher might be “this is precisely why Yoga could be perfect for you”.

Do I have to be ‘Good at Yoga’ to do Yoga?

The perception that Yoga is only full of fit, young people with perfect bodies that bend at will can be hard to shake, it is all over magazines and television. This stereotype is simply wrong. It can encourage the false perception that even starting Yoga is an unachievable goal. Don’t believe the hype! Yoga can be awesome and is completely available for people with ‘real bodies’ just like yours.

The classes offer an open, friendly and non-judgemental safe place where you can start to explore whether Yoga is a thing that you might benefit from and enjoy. Every body is different, and the approach of the classes are personal and highly individualised, responding to what you need in the class. No movement is ‘too difficult’ as each one can be explored at different levels.

What do I bring to yoga class as a Beginner?

You don’t need to buy any particular Yoga outfit or kit. Just come with an open mind and loose fitting or stretchy gym clothes that allow you to move about freely.

Beginner students who come to classes who struggle with their bodies on some level (aches, pains, past injuries, anxiety and stress) have found the classes particularly beneficial if they stick with it for a little while. Your body is beautiful with all its imperfections just as it is; this is most importantly what you bring to class.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me.