I hope you find these experiences useful. I am very grateful for the positive words students have shared so that you might get an idea of what to expect in a class.


lewis review“Phillippe teaches a lovely style of yoga that I can only sum up as ‘can’t be arsed yoga’, in a good way! Phillippe invites you to move as much or as little as you want to. He encourages you to work with your body/soul as you find it that day instead of imposing what you or the yoga teacher think you need to be doing in that space and time. Very enjoyable yoga classes and I would highly recommend them to everyone who prefers their yoga to be built from the inside out.”


lisa review“I highly recommend taking a class with Philippe. Not only is he a great teacher but he is great fun, compassionate and understanding. You will feel marvellous during his class and leave feeling relaxed, energised, happy and confident in your yoga practise.”


tess review“I loved the yoga session with Philippe. It was fun, innovative and helped me challenge and feel my body in movement. Thoroughly recommended!”


lauren review“I joined as a beginner and found it really welcoming…I have always been reluctant to get into yoga after some very strenuous classes but I come out of every session with Philippe feeling relaxed and comfortable. Since starting I have noticed my posture has improved and more importantly my lower back pain has stopped. I also use some of the positions and the breathing techniques he has showed us in my day-to-day life when feeling tense or stressed.”


jono review

“Yoga with Philippe is wonderful. Philippe is a skilled, kind and fun teacher who is attentive to all levels of experience. The class caters to everyone, with a relaxed approach that emphasises curiosity and experimentation without over-exertion. Recommended.”


natasha review

“I have tried various forms of yoga over the years, but nothing quite like Philippe’s class! What struck me most was his warm and inclusive manner and his great sense of fun. There really is no set and correct way of being in his class and his gentle encouragement allows you the freedom to explore your body and movement in a safe, playful and mindful way. Everyone should give it a whirl!”


kerry review“I suffer from a balance disorder and find it hard to exercise, walk and sometimes even have a shower. Yoga with Philippe helped me regain some of my balance over the summer, so I was able to stand on one leg! Major success! It was gentle and allowed my body to work in the way it wanted to work, no pushing, no force, just using natural gravity, the floor and some interesting visualisations.”


vicky review“Amazing never experienced Scaravelli yoga before definitely would recommend Philippe”


marissa review“I had a long-standing injury that made traditional Yoga very frustrating for me to practice. When I started with Philippe I started to understand not only what my limitations were but also where my body required the most attention. The approach is not about ‘right or wrong’ but about listening internally to what the body’s needs are. Philippe has the ability to recognise these needs and guide me in the direction in order to become conscious of it myself. I appreciated how it was all broken down into steps to really understand the exercise. He is by far the most encouraging and chilled out instructor I have ever had!”


rachael2 review“Very accessible for someone who has never done yoga before. Philippe has a gentle and encouraging nature, which puts me at ease and helps me enjoy the sessions. The slow and gentle approach is perfect for my situation. As well as the physical benefits, I have found this yoga experience has benefited me emotionally…He also has an amazing sense of humour and welcoming nature, which makes you feel at ease, whatever size or shape you are. This is a real gift! I am very grateful for the time, knowledge and patience that Philippe has given me. Thanks!!”


julie review“I’ve tried yoga on and off over the years to varying degrees of success. I was keen to try Philippe’s class but wasn’t sure what to expect. In the end, Philippe put me at my ease straight away. There was no feeling of being forced to do any posture. Instead, Philippe allowed us to explore our feelings of natural curiosity saying: “I wonder what would happen if you just put your arm this way or that way.” He is a very gentle, patient teacher with a very soothing voice and I would recommend him to anyone thinking of taking up yoga.”