About Philippe

Philippe encountered yoga when he was about 8 years old through his inspirational yoga teacher grandmother. Yoga in one form or another has been his companion ever since.

Philippe in Lotus Position wearing a Hull City Football kit being held aloftaloftheld aloft
Young Philippe Practicing Flying Lotus Position

In 2010 he was introduced to a radically new way of learning yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. This approach centred on the feelings and inner life of the person practicing and a sense of ‘un-doing’. In the approach there wasn’t any external idea of ‘harsh ambition’, ‘getting it right’ or ‘fixing the body’ (in both senses). This experience led him on a path that completely changed his practice, but at the same time brought him back home to the kind, original and uncomplicated teachings of his grandmother.

Philippe Teaching Yoga in LYTTG London
Picture of Philippe Teaching Yoga in London

Philippe studied the Scaravelli Tradition of Yoga with the London Yoga Teaching Group. He is a British Wheel qualified teacher (500hr Diploma BWY) and is on a mission to share the Scaravelli insights of being kind to the body in yoga.British Wheel Qualified Teacher