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I was really happy to be featured in the Love Lambeth blog yesterday. The Love Lambeth site is a great resource for keeping up to date locally and is well worth subscribing to:

Here is a copy of the Article:

The Carmelita Centre in Vauxhall is offering a free and inclusive ‘restorative yoga’ class for residents of the estate, after a local yoga teacher started volunteering at his local community garden.

An 8-week introductory class of ‘restorative yoga’ (10 May to 5 July) is free for residents living in the Vauxhall Gardens Estate.

Never say “it’s not for me”

Teacher Philippe is particularly driven to encourage people who would normally feel that it ‘wasn’t for them’ to discover yoga. His motivation is to convince all kinds (and shapes, and abilities) of people that yoga can be a wonderful thing. He has sometimes described his classes as “yoga for non-stretchy people – but it might be more accurate to say that it is a non-forceful practice that allows the body to unfold in a natural and healthful way”.

Yoga tradition

Anyone who is geeky about yoga might want to know that this yoga tradition was started by Vanda Scaravelli, who taught that releasing tension in the body and tuning into how the body feels in the present moment is an incredibly helpful thing to learn.

Meeting in the here and now

Philippe has studied and practised yoga for over 30 years, and lived and worked in Lambeth for 20. A few months ago he met David from the Carmelita Centre in Vauxhall. David had advertised for volunteers to help look after garden beds in the community centre. This was perfect for Philippe (and his partner), who wanted to grow kitchen herbs, but couldn’t commit to an allotment. They’re happily growing a community herb garden.

Inviting the community in

“The conversation quickly moved onto how to make the Carmelita Centre more than a community hub for the estate, but one that includes the wider community. One way is offering more classes for adults. This first yoga class is designed to be inclusive, encouraging people to connect socially and develop their well-being.”

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