About Yoga With Philippe

“You can find openness and freedom in the body by learning to deeply connect with the felt sense of weight in gravity. Most of all, you can practice yoga with gentleness, curiosity and playfulness. This means developing a kind and friendly relationship with your body.”

Picture of Philippe Teaching Scaravelli Yoga

I have a yoga practice that goes back more than 30 years. This is because I encountered yoga when I was very young through my inspirational yoga teacher grandmother.  She is still teaching today into her 80’s.

Over that time I encountered a wide range of yoga traditions in my search for inspirational teachers. Some were helpful, and some not. In 2010 my introduction to a radically new way of learning yoga began inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

I find this way of learning and teaching yoga truly compassionate and closer to the original uncomplicated teaching of my grandmother. My teaching today is based on this approach.

I work with students by inviting them to find a felt-sense of release, openness and freedom in the body through a deep felt-sense of weight in gravity. Also inviting students to establish and develop a kind and friendly relationship with the body and a sense of wholeness and integration.

Force and a sense of fixing or conquering the body are never helpful. They only ever succeed in distancing you from your self, your body and the environment” (Giovanni Felicioni). Instead I encourage students to experience movement that springs from playfulness and curiosity.

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